Who am I?

You are free to Invent Your Life

This is the motto by which I live and motivate. I has been motivated by faith in God and creativity to create and follow his path on this world. This perspective fuels my creativity.

What's with the Makeup?

I started my makeup style with white eyes and black tears running down to represent my feeling. 

I used to have a lot of darkness, sorrow, pain and depression. Then after I gave my heart and feelings to God, he started his work on me.

I cried heavy, thru a lot of my issues and healing.

I cried all the darkness out of my soul and the black tears ran down my face until my eyes shone white.

God went in and purified my heart from the despair.


I am a creative.

I'm Actually Pretty Mediocre.

My music isn't a really popular style, and 98% of my videos I have to make alone .

  I started with love for music from a young age, writing songs and finding my voice. Although I am always compared to Michael Jackson based on my looks and natural voice, I create my own style in music and image.


Have a listen to my album and send me a message to tell me to which artists you would compare my sound.

I think my music has a bit of a retro pop sound in my latest album REVAMPED.

My 1st official album release was Save Me, which featured my best downloaded song, Dirty Little Minds. 

I have made a few short films, most are mediocre as well.

I'm always striving to IMPROVE so I study a lot!

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