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I’m Ryjin.

I make Unpopular music, But I listen to a lot of everything from all over the world.
I’m not an expert in anyones eyes, but I know music well enough to tell you my true and unbiased review about it.

When you submit to this artists music review, you will have your music listened to by me from beginning to end. Not just a few minutes of a listen to give a generalized review..
I’ll also make a video featuring your music with my review on video, published on Youtube. I’ll include your social and websites with the video review. whether I like your music or not, You’ll get a review based on the opinion of me..

It’s easy to say, WTF does He know? but at least you’re getting a new listener, along with an actual review from someone who might have otherwise never clicked on your music link.

Submit to WTF Does He Know right now!

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